Due to the extensive damage from the fire on May 11, 2021 at our main office located at 204 Elm Street, we have temporary relocated to 324 Elm street (prior The Women’s Centre). We are continuing to offer supervisions and ongoing support by telephone and we are also offering in person services for those that do not have access to a telephone. 

We have assigned temporary contacts for our staff.

Bail Supervision

For Bail Supervision Intakes, please call 249-377-5007

For a Bail Court Worker, please call 705-618-3464

For Candace Keefe, please call 705-207-9216

For Chelsea McKelvie, please call 705-207-0468

For Holly Jackson, please call 705-561-1219

For Lara Lavallie, please call 249-377-7012


For an outreach worker, please call 705-561-8448

On-Going Support Services

For Jennifer Taylor, please call 705-662-1432

Housing Case Management

For Ayesha Iffat, please call 705-207-7458

For Amy Collins, please call 705-618-8807

General Inquiries

Cory Roslyn, 705-923-4521