All programs are person centred and focus on the belief that...

everyone deserves a second chance

The Ongoing support and Volunteer Services Program involves both the delivery of direct client services in the community and in correctional facilities, as well as the development of volunteer resources. Direct services are offered to women and young women, we years of age and older, who are or have been in conflict with the law, or “at risk” of coming into the judicial system.

Bail Verification and Supervision Program includes both the verification of information about accused persons and the supervision of accused persons while they are in the community awaiting trial.

As a member of the Homelessness Network-Réseau des Sans Abris- En dass qwa uk Mann we nod ma geh win of the City of Greater Sudbury, the community Reintegration and Housing Support program follows a Housing First approach and is dedicated to working collaboratively with individuals and communities to ensure that every door leads to services and to alleviate barriers for the homeless and at risk people.

The Open Arts Studio Program is a safe space for women who access services at the Society fostering creativity while encouraging experimentation, personal growth, discussion, and self-expression. Mobile outreach as provided youth in our community an understand of self and creative expression through art based learning of topics such as healthy relationships, self-image, anger management and handling stress. We also provide afterschool art programs to youth females.

The Restorative Justice and Conflict Mediation Program provides peer mediation for youth aged 12-21 using a restorative justice approach within the school setting to address conflict/violence that impacts the school community. This program provides youth with an opportunity to be accountable for their behaviour and strengthen their social skills. In addition, the program provides linkages to community services and supports, as needed, to address underlying issues which may be linked to the school conflict/violence and put the youth at risk.