about us

The Elizabeth Fry Society Sudbury Branch was established in 1972 by a group of concerned individuals from the Sudbury community and is an autonomous community-based non-profit charitable organization.   Built on volunteers, volunteers still play an active role in all aspects of the organization.  The Society is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors, comprised of community members.
The Society delivers programming that contributes to improving the knowledge, life skills, coping strategies, and stability of criminalized and ‘at risk’ women and young women in Northern Ontario.  Services are offered in correctional facilities, in court, in the community and at the agency.
The Society also focuses on promoting and providing community-based alternatives to incarceration and promoting community awareness of criminal and social justice issues.

In 2018, the Society changed its name to the Elizabeth Fry Society of Northeastern Ontario to reflect the services provided in Sudbury, North Bay, Espanola, Massey, Sturgeon Falls, and Mattawa. Our services are offered in both French and English.


The Elizabeth Fry Society  of Northeastern Ontario is dedicated to addressing the needs of criminalized persons, or those at risk of becoming criminalized, and in particular the circumstances of women and young women in the criminal justice system.


  • To provide support services, and practical assistance to criminalized or at risk individuals, with a particular focus on women and girls.
  • To advocate on behalf of clients who are incarcerated, in the court system and in the community.
    To promote community awareness regarding the social conditions that may contribute to people becoming criminalized.
  • To provide information and education on judicial processes and community resources

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Northeastern Ontario is supported by multiple funders: private, public and corporate donors oas well as municipal, provincial and federal funders. Their generosity makes a difference in the lives of women and young women in our community. We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your continued support.

Our Programs

Ongoing Support & Volunteer Services

The Ongoing Support and Volunteer Services Program involves both the delivery of direct client services in the community and in correctional facilities, and the development of volunteer resources.

Bail Verification & Supervision Program

The Bail Verification and Supervision Program includes both the verification of information about accused persons and the supervision of accused persons while they are in the community awaiting trial.

Homelessness Network -Housing Case Management

The goal of the Homelessness Network is to assist those who are absolutely homeless or staying in emergency shelters, to find and maintain housing through a specialized case management program addressing barriers to achieving permanent housing.

Open Arts Studio

The Open Arts Program decreases social isolation through the provision of an engaging, positive and beneficial open group experience with art and art making while addressing needs, literacy levels and learning styles of all participants.

Restorative Justice & Conflict Mediation

The Restorative Justice and Conflict Mediation Program provides peer mediation for youth aged 12-21 using a restorative justice approach within the school setting to address conflict/violence that impacts the school community.