Ongoing Support and Volunteer Services Program

The Ongoing Support and Volunteer Services Program involves both the delivery of direct client services in the community and in correctional facilities, as well as the development of volunteer resources. Direct services are offered to women , young women and gender diverse 12 years of age and older, who are or have been in conflict with the law, or “at risk” of coming into the judicial system.  Services of this program are offered in-house at 204 Elm Street in Sudbury, Sudbury District Jail and North Bay Jail for women, Northern Youth Services, and Near North Youth Centre for young women.

Volunteer Services

The Elizabeth Fry Society was founded by volunteers and our strong volunteer base ensures the provision of much needed programs and services in Sudbury and North Bay.  Volunteers continue play a critical and active role in all aspects of the organization.  Volunteer opportunities also promote community awareness and involvement in the criminal justice system.

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Direct Services

One-on-one support, counselling, group programming, outreach, crisis intervention, food assistance, clothing, transportation assistance, housing referrals, and referrals to other community programs and services. Focus is placed on identifying personal risk factors, developing strategies and interventions to prevent criminal activity, and to foster rehabilitation and reintegration.

Court Support

Agency staff and volunteers provide information and emotional support to adult and young women appearing in court. Support is also extended to family members.

Jail Visitation

Volunteers, students and staff provide women in jail with friendly visits, recreational programming, emotional support, information and referrals.  This volunteer-based service has existed since our inception in 1972.

Taking Control, Making Healthy Relationship Choices for Women Program

This program educates women in Sudbury District Jail about the impacts of violence in their lives, and provides women the opportunity to enhance assertiveness and coping skills while also increasing awareness of safety issues, impacts on the family, and available community resources.

Release Planning & Ongoing Support

Assistance is provided to incarcerated women and young women as they prepare their release plans for reintegration into the community. Upon release from custody, support and counselling services are available on an ongoing basis for as long is required.


Workshops are 5 week certificate programs and the topics include, although not limited to: anger management, building a positive self image, healthy living, healthy relationships, drug and alcohol awareness, abuse and the family, handling stress, self esteem, theft prevention, stress management and anger management. Workshops are offered in-house at 204 Elm Street, Sudbury and, in the Sudbury District Jail, individually or as a group.

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